The Cut-R-Press is a sealing tool with the finest diagonal cutters for removal of excess wire or old seals.


For applying lead seals and removing excess wire or old seals.


  • Lightweight and compact-less than 8'' (20cm) long.
  • Presses lead seals up to 1/2'' diameter.
  • Only slight pressure required to operate.
  • Forged from high-carbon alloy steel.
  • Perfectly matched, hand-filed cutter jaws.
  • Joints are electrically tempered, precision ground and fitted for easy action.
  • Vinyl-dipped handles provide comfortable grip.
  • Allen set screws facilitate removal of dies.
  • Dies can be engraved (female or male). 
  •  Not for heavy-gauge wire.
  • Leather pouch Model 37M and 39B will hold the press, a screwdriver and 50 lead and wire seals. Can be worn on belt or carried in pocket.


  • High-carbon alloy steel.
  • Vinyl-dipped handles.

Product Numbers

  • 8230010 – w/ 2 blank dies
  • 8230020 – w/ 2 female engraved dies
  • 8230030 – w/ 2 male engraved dies
  • 8050110 – Set of dies, both blank
  • 8050120 – Set of dies, both female engraved
  • 8050130 – Set of dies, both male engraved
  • 8743700 - Leather pouch Model 37M
  • 8743900 - Leather pouch Model 39B
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