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Meralco smart meter programme
Smart Meters  
17 March 2017

Meralco files proposal to begin AMI rollout in June

In the Philippines, the Manila Electric Company (Meralco) has plans underway to begin with its smart meter installations by June.

Last week, Meralco filed a proposal with the Energy Regulatory Commission for approval of its smart meter programme.

The filing of the proposal for the energy regulator to approve the company's smart meter project falls under efforts by Meralco to speed-up its smart meter installation to "quickly and efficiently maximise its utility and customer benefits," reported a local publication.

Smart meter programme benefits

If the utility's proposal is approved, Meralco will install the smart meters for its existing and new customers. The smart meters will help Meralco optimise its revenue collection through accurate power billing.

The new metering system is expected to help consumers increase their energy savings and reduce bills through improved management of energy consumption achieved from real-time access to energy usage data.

Meralco said it will use the new technology to quickly identify, reduce the occurrence and duration of power outages. The utility's smart meter programme is compulsory to all of the utility's residential and non-residential customers.

In addition to improving the company's grid management and energy billing, the smart meter programme will allow Meralco to introduce new business models and digital services to improve its customer experience.

Consumers will be able to access their energy usage data and pay energy bills by web portals as well as receive outage notifications via social media platforms.

Programmes such as demand response, net metering and smart prepaid energy services are set to be introduced once the smart meters are installed to help the company reduce peak demands, integrate more distributed energy resources, reduce carbon emissions and optimise its revenue collection.

The utility is also expected to use its smart meter communications network for remote control of energy efficient smart LED streetlights and distribution automation infrastructure.

Meralco will be activating an estimated total of 3 million customers and targeted points within the distribution network by 2024. Read more...


Image credit: Business World

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