We believe that there will continue to be an increase in the number of customers opting to utilize prepaid electricity metering across the US and Europe.
- Claire Volkwyn - Editor
Issue 2
This edition has by accident, and design, firmly centered itself on the concepts of communication and cybersecurity. Of late, many of my conversations, and the information coming through to us, have focused on these two topics. Both are, without a doubt, supremely important in the new utility paradigm and we have covered a wide spectrum of options and opinions on the best communication technologies to ensure reliable, accurate communication in the noisiest environment.
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A big part of the ability to communicate with the various elements of a utility’s infrastructure involves a connection with the Internet and this means increased vulnerability to any number of malicious players.
- Claire Volkwyn - Editor
Internet of Things
Green Button: Engaging consumers in national energy goals
Grid Security
GRIDEX III: Is enough progress being made protecting critical infrastructure?
Focus on M2M
Cellular IoT – A new paradigm for utility communications
Regional Profile
AMI evolution ‘down under’
Event Wrap-up
World Smart Energy Week, Tokyo
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